My Mission

Is to provide you the client with a pleasurable experience that leaves you feeling great and well informed at the end of  the inspection. I am honored to be at your service!

           Jay James is the proud owner of Stellar Jay Home Inspections, serving the Kootenay Area. He is excited to be engaged in the community by helping people make informed decisions while finding their new home. 


Jay started in the construction industry as a drywall installer learning from the best in the business. As he grew older so did his range of experience and it was not long before he was helping with full renovations including insulation, vapor/moisture barriers, roof sheathing, soffits, siding installations, and even house levelling! His ability to retain this knowledge, and to always try new things led him to other positions around the job sights, including gutters, perimeter drains, and septic installations. After moving to Nelson a few years back Jay found that he had the knowledge to simply work on his own as a handyman and this is where the idea of becoming a home inspector was born.


He studied hard through Carson Dunlop School of Home Inspections and later doing his practicum hours through The Home Inspectors Association BC- HIABC where he is currently an Associate member. 


As a Member of the Home Inspectors Association of BC, we follow a strict Code Of Ethics & Scope of inspection


Prior to a home inspection, please familiarize yourself with the Home Inspectors Association of B.C. Scope of Practice to ensure there are no misunderstandings on what your home inspection will include or exclude. 

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