I highly recommend using Stellar Jay Home Inspection services. Jay was incredibly thorough and informative. He took the time to walk me through the house after completing his inspection. He made me feel comfortable and took his time explaining the inspection process. Since I didn't know much about house construction, he broke down the terms into information I could easily digest. He never once made me feel unknowledgeable and didn't hurry me through the process. I appreciated that he really wanted me to understand the inspection report. The report was well laid out and easy to read. He openly communicated with my realtor and made the sellers feel comfortable as well. the whole process was a real pleasure and money

well spent.

Kaid J.

Stellar Jay Home Inspections takes great care in assessing the house for any defects and potential costly items along with maintenance tips and recommended upgrades, providing you with an easy-to-read, top-notch report that you can look back on for information for years to come! 

Now a Licensed Home Inspector serving the Kootenay Area
CPBC Licence# 81486


Jay James the proud owner of Stellar Jay Home Inspections, now serving the Kootenay Area. He is excited for this new opportunity and to be engaged in the community by helping people make informed decisions while finding their new home.

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